Why Adgentes

Who Are we

Established in 1997, we, the Adgents edu is a primer overseas educational consultant & student recruitment company providing young students the right guidance to excel in their prospective career, also relieving their parents from big future worries. Being Canada’s leading education agency, we have a track record of thousands of successfully assisted students each year.

What People Are Saying!
Egypt Student

Since forever I wanted to study in Canada but it is not as easy as it seems like. There are so many things that are involved from the admission process to the visa. It was tough to get all these things done by myself. All I wanted was a little help and guidance from someone who is experienced in this field. And this is when I come across Adgents edu which is an international student recruitment agency. They have helped me with everything and I cannot thank them enough. If you are also facing problems with getting admission to Canada then you can rely on them.

Jacob Mathew, Egypt
Malaysian Student

When I started to plan to study abroad I had no idea from where I get all the needed information and to be honest it is not at all easy to do everything on your own. This is when I came across a very reliable platform Adgents edu which helped me through the admission process. The platform provides help in providing funds for admission to getting your visa. The agency has a panel of highly experienced and skilled counsellors who help students from abroad to get admission to the desired university in countries like Canada and the United States of America.

Gins Joy, Malaysia
Chinese Student

Being a student of China who wanted to study in Canada I was facing several problems. Right from visa problems to the language barrier, everything was a great issue. In such a time of delinquent, I was losing all my hope and my dream of study in Canada was started to blur. But a million thanks to the counsellors of Adgents edu who helped me and made my dream come true. They have helped me not only to get the desired college but they have also made sure of my visa and accommodation facilities here. I would recommend their name to every student who is planning to study abroad.

Li Yang, China
Indian Student

I completed my high school from India and for my higher education I wanted to move to Canada. It was my dream to pursue engineering from Canada but I was so confused about the colleges and how to get admission. So, I looked for guidance and found Adgents edu. It is a well-known agency that provides all the needed information and help. From admission to accommodation in Canada, the counsellors will be there for you and make sure you get all the required information. With years of experience, they have gathered all the sources to help and support the students.

Anuj Patel, India