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About Us

Your Trusted International Education Consultant & Student Recruitment Firm

We Provide Personalized, Professional Advice

Welcome to Adgents edu

Established in 1997, we, the Adgents edu is a primer overseas educational consultant & student recruitment company providing young students the right guidance to excel in their prospective career, also relieving their parents from big future worries. Being Canada’s leading education agency, we have a track record of thousands of successfully assisted students each year.

Adgents edu international studies consultation provides the most insight and the latest information based on your selected destination. Our expert consulates offer knowledge on various the universities, programs, admissions, accommodations, and student Visas. We have a robust global network of over 500 universities and many top English language centers, technical colleges and schools in the Canada.

We are an award-winning agency for our years of excellence in the sector of intentional studies in Canada. Our fundamental objective is to offer unmatched expertise and support to young guys from various cultural backgrounds. We promise full-service overseas studies consultation, right from selecting the right destination based on your career goals to submitting the application for the student visa to Canada.

What We Do-
An Array of Services Offered By Us-
Student Recruitment Services

Since our establishment, we have helped over 12000 students achieve their overseas studies and career goals with our ethical and professional advice on studying abroad. Our comprehensive international studies consultation services include helping students pick the right destination, filling the student visa to finding accommodation; we are there for you to get rid of every obstacle in your path to success.

Visa & Migration Services

We have a dedicated team of registered migrant agents those are there to help you out with every process of filling for the student visa application. Our experts will provide you with the complete information on via options available in your prospective student destination, then assisting with the supporting documents.

English & Pathway Programs

Adgents edu has a robust worldwide network of leading pathway providing institutions. Our panel of qualified counselors is there to guide you with choosing the right English language learning program. They will at first thoroughly understand your requirements and expectations from learning English and based on that providing various course options.

Travel Services

Adgents edu offer the complete travel services to make sure your journey to the Canada is comfortable and memorable. We also provide travel health insurance Reach out to us now for more information on this.

Informational Sessions

We, at Adgents edu, understand the importance of adapting to a new culture and academic setup. This is the reason we offer tailored informational sessions for young students before and after the arrival to the Canada.

Accommodation Services

We offer each student with plenty of options to get the best accommodation in the Canada well before their arrival. Our primary aim is to ensure our assisted students enjoy a home-like stay for off-campus accommodations.
International Student Arrival Support
We believe our job is not done till the time each of our candidate is fully ready to embrace a new culture. This is the reason we offer arrival consultation services to get their minds tuned with the locals. To ensure you’re first few weeks goes smoothly; we have a dedicated team of professionals to assist you.

Expert & Personalized Educational Services

Our team of educational experts will help you enroll for the right course. Compare different institutions based on your career goals. Then, they will coordinate with you for the submission of your student visa application.

On-Shore Services

Being an industry-leading educational consulting company, we provide comprehensive offshore services to help you develop your career prospects. Our offerings under the category of on-Shore services comprise internships, translations and personal tutoring.