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English and Pathway program

If you are thinking about moving to the Canada for higher studies, then you have to meet the Basic English language skills requirements. This is often a big hurdle for a major chunk of international students. But, to the good fortune of many, there are pathway programs. This let foreign students hone their skills by taking English as a second language course, and this further adds stars to your degree. Such a program usually last for a year. So, this means if the student you completes the English language course with a high GPA to get admission to prominent universities in the Canada.

Apply For the English Pathway Course

Adgents edu assist ambitious students those having big dreams to get a degree in top universities in the Canada, with picking the right English language course. Our counselors consult advice and help students to fill the EPC for free; because we understand learning English in a foreign territory can get expensive, so we don’t wish to add to it.

Our Experienced Staff Will Happily Provide Information On:

– Choosing the Right Course and School

– Visa and Immigration Support

– Course Application

– Accommodation and Lifestyle

English Language Pathways

Depending on your English proficiency, you have an array of English Language skills improvement courses to choose from. You are required to complete the course in order to become eligible for admission process in the Canada. Our team of educational experts is well-versed with this field and has good connections with institutions and universities across the globe.

What type of English programs can I study?

There is a range of English programs you can do including:

– English for Academic Purposes

– English for Employment

– General English

– English for Travel



How Much Will It Cost?

While, our English Pathway Consulting services are entirely free of cost, but the English skills improvement program, range from US$300 per week to US$400 per week for regular courses, involving 25 hours of tuition per week.

How Do I Apply?

We have a panel of highly experienced educational experts those will determine your level of English after conducting a quick discussion via email or phone. Also, advice on to right course based on your budget, and after understanding your location preferences.

Contact one of our experienced counselors today and we will make a quick assessment of your needs and preferences. We’ll happily advise you on the best options for you and don’t forget, it’s free!