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Internship Programs

Differentiate Yourself, Plan to Get International Internship

The international internship programs are a powerful means to level yourself up with the competition around you and earn professional experience. The Internships not only benefit you to build a more meaningful resume, also let you hone your practical skills to unlock the doors of overseas employment possibilities.

International Internship Programs

The principal objective of the international internships is to give young people those are passionate to learn with the right platform to develop self-confidence and gain invaluable industry skills. This enriching experience will put you ahead of your peers and improve your long-term career prospects. We provide a wealth of internship opportunities across various growing fields-means; you are bound to find the right one in accordance with your background and experiences. You can pick your industry, location, start date, and duration (approximately 8 – 24 weeks).
We, at Adgents edu , leave no stone unturned to ascertain that our every candidate get a full-time or part-time internship according to their profession. We offer internships in the following list of industries.

Range of Industries

Business Administration
Events Management
Information Technology
Actuarial Science
Agriculture, Farming & Conservation
Architecture & Design
Arts (Creative & Social)
Beauty & Cosmetics
Building & Construction
Communications & Public Relations
Education & Training
Electrical Engineering
Electronic Engineering
Civil and Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Mining Engineering
Software Engineering
Environment & Sustainability
Graphic Design
Health and Medical
Human Resources
Social Sciences
Import, Export, and Trade
Supply Chain Management
Insurance & Superannuation
Law & Legal Services
Logistics & Transport
Media & Advertising
Non Profit, NGO & Charity
Pedagogical Sciences
Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology
Planning & Design
Politics & Government
Property & Real Estate
Social Media
Community and Social Work
Sport & Leisure
Travel & Tourism
Veterinary Science
and many other industries

Our Internship search is tailored to match the specifications of the candidate and what sort of career prospects he/she has in the near future. Other factors are location, start date, and duration.

Are You Eligible?

• Currently Studying or Recently Graduated
• Strong English Oral and Written Communication Skills (IELTS May Be Requested Depending on the Internship Industry)
• J 1 Visa Student Visa up to 18 Months of Academic Training

Application Requirements

Your Proficiency in the English Language

You Need to Apply 2-3 Months in Advance
Your Academic and Professional Documents

Step by Step Guide to your Internship

Step 1: Submit application documents including resume, cover letter and proof of English level
Step 2: Fill out the application form and pay the enrolment fee (enrolment fee is approximately 20-30% of the total placement fee).
Step 3: Adgents edu will assess your application within 1 – 5 working days
Step 4: A suitable placement will be found based on your requirements.
Step 5:  Adgents edu will organize interviews for you with host organizations until you are successfully placed in an internship.
Step 5: You will be provided with complete details about your prospective internship placement immediately after a placement is arranged.
Step 6: Make the complete payment (Placement fee) for the internship search program fee.
Step 7: You will to attend an interview with the host organization to ensure suitability and acceptance of both parties 1 – 3 months.
Step 8: Start your internship!

For more details contact Adgents edu Industrial training and internship unit
03 9629 2677

You can also find us on:

Head Office Ground Floor, 333 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000 Australia
Phone: +613 9629 2677