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Onshore Students

Practical Advice to Help You Consider the Options before Leaving or Changing Your Course

Being a trusted overseas educational consultant, we counsel young students, those who are confronting initial troubles with the course they are pursuing. These students have big doubts in mind whether they should make the course switch or the country where they are studying. Are you too facing similar difficulties? We, at Adgents edu are there to guide you through and help you take the best decision at the right time.
Want to Change Your Course? Adgents edu has a panel of wise counselors guiding international students those are encountering problems with their current course and considering a swap. They will analyze your case, and based on that, offer advice and recommendations on how to preside fulfilling your academic goals.

We Provide the Following Consultation Transferring Course Services-

• Transferring University
• Transferring City
• Completing Additional Study on Top of Your Completed Program
We offer the most up-to-date advice and recommendations based on the legalities and obligations associated with the procedure of changing the course. We have associations with top universities in the Canada to ease the process of transferring the course.

Why Consulting Adgents edu Is the Right Decision?

We promise to recommend the best university for you, in accordance with the cost and location, without comprising over the quality of education.
Our qualified counselors will thoroughly walk through your application, and point out the possible flaws.
We provide constant contact once you have made your study decision.

Last but the least, all the above services cost you nothing, so why hesitate, book your date with our overseas studies advisor today.